Getting Started at a Contributor Day

This guide is intended to help you get started at a contributor day. If you need any help, talk to the contributor day organizer, or ask your question in the #accessibility channel on Slack.

Contributor Day Activities Contributor Day Activities

Learn about accessibility Learn about accessibility

The team leads can give several workshops on request:

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Work on accessibility tickets for WordPress core Work on accessibility tickets for WordPress core

If you know how to contribute to WordPress core, as a developer, please join us and fix a ticket or test a patch!

An overview of all accessibility tickets is gathered on the page Accessibility related tickets in WordPress trac. You can also ask the team lead for tickets that have priority and check the good first bug issues.

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Work for Gutenberg Work for Gutenberg

Gutenberg is the new text editor for WordPress and it’s still in development. The issues you can work on as a developer are on the Gutenberg GitHub repo and are labeled Accessibility.

If you know your way with assistive technology like a screen reader of can navigate with keyboard only, testing Gutenberg is also very valuable. At the moment you can install as the plugin Gutenberg.