The Accessibility Team has this vision:

Make WordPress usable and accessible for every single user.

Goals Goals

The main goal of the Make WordPress Accessible team is that WordPress core, conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA standard. This includes the Admin section and all bundled themes. WCAG 2.0 AA meets web accessibility standards set by most governments globally. This goal is reflected in the Accessibility Coding Standards found in the WordPress core best practices.

A growing number of themes in the WordPress theme repository have earned the accessibility-ready tag. The requirements for this tag cover many critical accessibility issues, but are less strict than WCAG 2 AA.

Other accessibility team goals are:

  • Advise theme and plugin developers on making WordPress available to everyone
  • Give website and blog users handles on how to improve the usability of their platform

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Roadmap Roadmap

Focus Release 4.9 Focus Release 4.9

  • Settings API accessibility and semantics, related ticket: #38734 Dogfood the Settings API
  • Remove target=”_blank” in the admin
  • Remove title attributes

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Focus release 5.0 Focus release 5.0

  • Uniform search, related ticket: #31818 Uniform Search Form Display/Experience