Accessibility Team Meeting Notes: November 13, 2020

These are the weekly notes for the AccessibilityAccessibility Accessibility (commonly shortened to a11y) refers to the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people with disabilities. The concept of accessible design ensures both “direct access” (i.e. unassisted) and “indirect access” meaning compatibility with a person’s assistive technology (for example, computer screen readers). ( Team meeting that happens on Fridays. You can read the full transcript on our Slack channel and find the meeting’s agenda here.

Team RepTeam Rep A Team Rep is a person who represents the Make WordPress team to the rest of the project, make sure issues are raised and addressed as needed, and coordinates cross-team efforts. nominations

The team accepted nominations for a new Team Rep and we’re happy to share that both @alexstine and @sarahricker have been nominated for the role.

Given that more than one person was nominated, we are going to open a voting round so folks can vote for the person they’d like to see as our new Team Rep.

Please follow this link to vote The survey will be open until Friday, November 20, at 16:30 UTC.

Organization of team sub-groups

We discussed and decided to move forward with the idea of organizing our team around sub-groups. This will allow members of our small team to focus on specific areas of interest and expertise. The groups are:

  • Editor
  • Design
  • Media
  • Themes
  • MetaMeta Meta is a term that refers to the inside workings of a group. For us, this is the team that works on internal WordPress sites like WordCamp Central and Make WordPress.
  • Docs
  • General

Folks have already shown interest on the areas they’d like to participate in, so we’re going to give this new organization structure a try for the WP 5.7 release and we’ll adjust and adapt as necessary.

5.6 projects status

@sarahricker, our WP 5.6 Accessibility Release Coordinator, shared a status on the different projects the team is juggling during this release.

The Accessibility Statement pluginPlugin A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites. WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language and integrate seamlessly with WordPress. These can be free in the Plugin Directory or can be cost-based plugin from a third-party is currently being promoted in the About page. Help is needed reviewing the content of the generated statement. You can test and give feedback here.

@joedolson and @Hauwa Abashiya have been hard at work on the new pattern library to support WCAGWCAG WCAG is an acronym for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. These guidelines are helping make sure the internet is accessible to all people no matter how they would need to access the internet (screen-reader, keyboard only, etc) 2.1. Please refer to the #accessibility-docs SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at channel for more info on how you can help.

The new Twenty Twenty-One theme is moving along and they need help testing the new dark mode.