Accessibility Meeting Notes for 12 April 2019

Continue discussion on profile badges

Reviewed criteria for Team/Contributor badges for the team:

1) Team badges:

  • Past team leads
  • Regular participation in meetings (at least once per month)
  • Leadership role
  • Writing documentation
  • Leading code contributions (project management for major tasks, significant code written, etc.)

2) Contributor Badge:

  • Occasional meeting participation
  • Code contributions on Github or Trac (bug reporting, testing, and patching)
  • Assisting in Accessibility Support forum
  • Performing A11y Theme Reviews

3) Update cycle

  • Badge assignments will be reviewed in mid April and mid October each year, and will be based on participation during the prior 6 months.

Additionally, we reviewed the badge assignments for the Accessibility team and contributors throughout the project. We believe that this is now up to date according to the above criteria.

If you’ve contributed to WordPress Accessibility and you do not have a badge assigned, please comment below and let us know! We assembled a lot of this from memory and searching through trackers, meta activity, and slack conversations. It was definitely not an infallible process.

If the reason you don’t have an Accessibility badge is because your contribution isn’t covered by the above criteria, please let us know that, as well! The criteria are open to changes.

Open Floor

@greatislander Wanted to address an small accessibility improvement that we could add to the Settings API immediately, since getting the complete API revamp is stalled at the moment. Team agreed that adding role="presentation" to make the settings tables presentational is probably a good choice, though we’ll want to test it.


We got through only one item on our scheduled agenda for this week, since we spent most of the team getting our badges up to date. We’ve committed to a 6 month review cycle for badges, so that we never spend that much time on it again…

The rest of this week’s agenda will be addressed next week.