Accessibility Team Meeting Notes for 4/5/2019

Meeting notes on Slack

Profile badges

  • We have not been keeping up to date on these for some time.
  • We don’t have a consistent plan for granting badges.
  • @audrasjb will create a spreadsheet to share among the team where we will document badges
  • @joedolson will figure out who needs to be notified about new badge assignments
  • The team will jointly figure out who needs to be awarded badges.
  • Tentative policy agreed on:

1) Team badges:
– Regular participation in meetings
– Leadership role
– Writing documentation
– Leading code contributions

2) Contributor Badge:
– Code contributions on Github or Trac
– Assisting in Accessibilty Support forum
– Performing A11y Theme Reviews

Update on Automated Testing

  • @greatislander has been in communication about getting added to WP Rig
  • Some feedback on documentation improvements
  • No response from Underscores yet

Block Editor User Handbook update

  • No new information.

Should we copy the alt text decision tree for translations?

  • @audrasjb feels strongly that we should make our own copy and provide all translations in handbook/HelpHub.
  • Reviewed licensing for W3C docs, which will permit this as long as we credit them appropriately.
  • @audrasjb volunteered to take on copying the tree over.
  • Will finalize decision in next meeting; want @afercia to be present for the final conversation.

Uniform Search

  • No progress made. Nobody has yet stepped up to share the process of figuring out what this will entail.

Open Floor

@luke_pettway reported that the Navigation block is going into development very soon. His interactions with the team working on that exposed a number of accessibility blind spots, so hopefully the development process for this will work well to iterate through those issues.

See this comment on the Navigation menu block for revised information on the proposal.

See the prototype for more information on proposed interactions.

Luke will write up notes and post to the channel for comments; he wants some second opinions in some areas.