Accessibility team meeting notes for 3/29/2019

Meeting notes on Slack

Update on Automated testing

  • Some Twitter buzz and stars on GitHub repo, but no testing comments yet.
  • Discussed best strategies for moving forward. Will work on integrating with common WordPress theme dev resources such as Underscores, WP CLI, WPRig, etc.

User Handbook

  • Dave Ryan responded and reported that he expected to be submitting a draft to HelpHub this week.

Use of tables in Health Check

  • Health check plugin makes extensive use of tables for showing site information. Discussed whether these are data tables (and need headings) or presentational (and need role=presentational)
  • Decided that due to the mixed content of both columns, this was best as a presentational table, but that there is no particularly good other semantic choice for display of this information.

Should we copy the alt text decision tree for translations?

  • Core media views & Gutenberg contain links to the W3C alt decision tree. That document is only available in English.
  • We need to determine a way to provide access to this data in translation.
  • Probably need to communicate with documentation and polyglots to figure out the path for this.

Meeting time change

  • Due to daylight saving time change in Europe, we voted to change the meeting time to 15:00 UTC.
  • Meeting time change effective 5 April, 2019.
  • Meeting time has been updated on make/accessibility and on the master list of team meetings.