Accessibility team meeting notes 3/22/2019

Meeting notes on Slack

Update on Automated testing

  • Automated testing package now includes test cases for the accessible theme unit test data
  • Now has an interactive command line interface for creating new test cases
  • Added a postinstall script to copy required files into the theme directory automatically.
  • Requests help with
  • @greatislander will write up a post inviting people to test the package (will x-post to theme review team)

User Handbook

Still no updates. Still no movement on GitHub. Requesting updates for next week.

WordPress 5.2 tickets/5.3 planning

A total of 23 out of the 30 prioritized accessibility tickets have been committed by the deadline. 5.2 is now closed for new issues, so that’s where we stand for this release.

Team discussed strategies for the 5.3 release. Since we don’t know what the schedule will be like, this is necessarily limited.

We agreed that our tentative plan for 5.3 is to focus on three topics:

  1. Complete the 7 remaining prioritized tickets from 5.2
  2. Address issues from the Gutenberg a11y issue triage
  3. Plan what needs to happen in order for Uniform Search to land in WordPress 5.4.

Gutenberg A11y issue/5.3 planning

Pretty much addressed the planning elements during the previous discussion.

Eight issues from the triage list have been resolved.

We’re anticipating that the WP Campus accessibility audit of Gutenberg will be delivered soon, and may contain important information for us to absorb.

Updates to Theme Developer Handbook

At the end of last week’s meeting, @abrightclearweb delivered a list of accessibility issues to address in the content of the theme developer’s handbook.

These issues have been passed over to @jcastaneda, who will make the needed edits.

Some of the issues are more complicated, and are pending @joedolson writing up more detailed comments on how to resolve.

Open Floor

@afercia recommended everybody take some time to read The WebAIM Million Project over the weekend.