Accessibility team meeting notes: 3/15/2019

Meeting notes on Slack

Update on Automated testing

No updates this week on automated testing.

User Handbook

Still no updates. Still no movement on GitHub. Requesting updates for next week.

WordPress 5.2 tickets

Accessibility tickets are down to 16 pending tickets (from 30 in the original list.) Several are very close, and hope to get 4-5 more into the release. Beta 1 is Thursday the 21st, so all patches should be ready for commit on Monday or Tuesday at the latest, to allow time for committer reviews.

Update on Gutenberg issues

5 issues from the original list are fixed, plus one that was added after the triage.

@afercia has categorized all issues by priority, based on personal judgement. Grouped into ‘normal’, ‘high’, and ‘omgbbq’.

No progress on 13663, one of the keystone items we want addressed.

We’re passing specific issues to the Editor team as priorities, to get their focus on specific concerns.

Open Floor

@abrightclearweb has gone through the Theme developer’s handbook looking for accessibility issues. Provided @joedolson with the list of issues; @joedolson will follow up to get these changes made.