Accessibility Team Meeting notes: March 1, 2019

Meeting notes on Slack

Health Check plugin a11y

  • @clorith shared the Health Check plugin with the team for review
  • Some accessibility issues have already been identified, but there do not appear to be fundamental problems with the plugin
  • @audrasjb noted that there are still some graphics and user interface contributions to come, so accessibility review will need to take these into account
  • The plugin is targeted for 5.2; 5.2 beta 1 is scheduled for March 14, 2019 (two weeks from now)
  • @joedolson suggested that the team should be able to form an opinion as to whether the plugin is ready for merge at that time
  • Team members are encouraged to review the plugin on GitHub and provide accessibility feedback

Update on User Handbook

  • @joedolson was in contact with @chanthaboune; @dryanpress had been occupied with running WC Phoenix, but is now back to work on the User Handbook
  • More news to come in the near future!

Update on automated testing

Gutenberg a11y issue triage and prioritization

  • The team has held several bug triages over the last week, totalling 5 hours, to identify priorities for Gutenberg
  • The team produced a triaged list of 55 items; there’s a tab for 5.2 and 5.3 so that issues that don’t make it for 5.2 consideration, or more complex issues which can’t be addressed in time, can be assigned to 5.3
  • @joedolson proposed additional triage and the assignment of responsibility for various issues, with the understanding that responsibility for an issue is not necessarily doing the work, but shepherding the process
  • @karmatosed asked that further triage sessions be announced ahead of time so that they can be shared with the Gutenberg team; this could help get more people working on Gutenberg activated on accessibility issues; @afercia also noted that this will help address the issues as many require some development expertise
  • @afercia will try to coordinate another round of triage, with sensitivity to the two-week window before 5.2 beta 1; @joedolson suggested prioritizing issues that affect content output and focus management, considering whether issues have pull requests already, and trying to address issues with smaller size to get them out of the way
  • The spreadsheet now has a “group” column for single-word keywords so that issues can be more thoroughly categorized, and a “size” column to identify the scale of work needed to address individual issues; @afercia and @joedolson added keywords to all the issues

RangeControl component: request for feedback

  • @afercia asked that team members read and respond to this Gutenberg ticket, in which @tinkerbelly requested feedback on Gutenberg’s <RangeControl>component:
  • @joedolson expressed the opinion that range sliders should only be used when precision isn’t critical, whereas many of the Gutenberg uses of the component are for very granular options, e.g. choosing between 2-4 columns

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