Accessibility Team Meeting Notes: January 25th

Apologies for the late report. We’re working on getting caught up!

Meeting notes on Slack

Individual availabilility in coming months

The majority of attendees have 1-4 hours per week available. We’d like to take some time to come up with better usage of time for those who have only very small amounts of availability, as anybody with only 1-2 hours a week is essentially only attending meetings.

Update on Automated Testing projects

  • Axe tests are running against Twenty Nineteen
  • Setup is clunky because the NPM packages aren’t published yet
  • Next steps:
    • Make it easier to install/run tests against any theme
    • Possible to install dependencies without requiring a clone of Gutenberg
    • Goal: installable as a plugin for easy installation
  • Joe Dolson will update the accessibility theme unit test data for use in theme testing. Needs to incorporate Gutenberg block output.

Update from research team/Gutenberg user testing

  • No one was present with information to report.

Verify team About page is up to date

  • Agreed that the info is essentially accurate, although we may want to make some changes anyway. Joe Dolson will review and report back.
  • Question whether the team has any materials on WP specific accessibility testing workflows; shared the accessibility-ready theme testing guidelines, which are already included on the About page.

Tickets for discussion:


Discussion on 4091 (Slack)

Discussion on 38338 (Slack)