Accessibility Team Meeting Notes: February 8th

Meeting notes on Slack

Updates on WP 5.2 schedule and goal setting

  • No known schedule, nobody present has an update.
  • Discussed Uniform Search – what it is, what it would require, and what we need in order to have time for it.

Updates on Gutenberg user docs

  • Pinged @dryanpress for updates, no response.
  • Apparently no action on Github issue since January 15th.

Updates on Gutenberg phase II

  • Major discussions since last week’s meeting on the topic of navigating between blocks and sidebar (inspector)
  • Lots of promising ideas and engagement; working to reach a decision and implementation.
  • Work is developing on the Navigation menu block. Navigation menus are one of the more complicated and essential features, so accessibility should monitor this in an ongoing manner.

Open Floor

Discussed goals with @vossisboss to identify a good path for participation.

Post meeting follow-up:

@greatislander showed up shortly after the meeting with an update on automated testing:

  • Initial idea of packaging as a plug-in proved infeasible due to the size of the package.
  • Waiting on updates for the publication of axe-jest-puppetteer packages to NPM (anticipated around 5.1 release.)