Accessibility Team Meeting Notes: February 1st

Meeting notes on Slack

Gutenberg Phase 2 Widgets Screen

  • Goal is to start using blocks on the widgets screen; building out blocks to match existing widgets
  • Discussion of the general design, layout and accessibility of new page
  • Current design repurposes Gutenberg layout
  • Reproduces same issues with sidebar as in Gutenberg editor
  • Should we focus on improving the Sidebar UI or different design in Widgets?
  • Design should be consistent; so fixing the Sidebar UI is important
  • Many possible issues to address; top priority is topbar/inspector (Sidebar) navigation

Validate 5.2 Accessibility focused tickets scope / Triage update

Currently 30 accessibility tickets milestoned for 5.2. All of them have owners. Depending on 5.2 schedule, we may not be able to handle more.

5.2 schedule is currently an unknown factor.

Current goal: handle these 30 tickets for 5.2, revise based on schedule.
Ambition goal: work on #31818 (Uniform Search) if 5.2 schedule allows.