Accessibility Team Meeting Notes: February 15th

Meeting notes on Slack

Lack of Agendas & publishing of notes

  • We’ve struggled to get agendas and notes published recently, due to personal issues.
  • Will get all notes caught up with today (@joedolson)
  • Want to devise a better system for preparing agendas, that takes into account who will be present at any given meeting.
  • Last week’s meeting agenda contained numerous items where nobody present had relevant new information.
  • People anticipating attending a meeting should contact team reps if they have a topic they’d like to raise

Updates on Gutenberg user docs

  • Still no updates on Github or elsewhere
  • Mentioned in update chat with @chanthaboune; hope to get some information soon.
  • Should we publish the docs for assistive technology ourselves, or would that just create long-term confusion?

WordPress 5.2 Release schedule

  • Release schedule has been set for late April.
  • Time frame will not allow for Uniform Search
  • We believe it does give space for us to accomplish the 32 accessibility tickets currently slated for next release.
  • @joedolson will take ownership of the Uniform Search ticket so that we can begin planning, aiming to accomplish this in 5.3

Open Floor

  • From @afercia: note new proposal to systematically integrate animated micro-interactions in Gutenberg’s UI.
  • While we don’t have any fundamental problems with this in general, we should comment to ensure that the accessibility concerns with animations are raised.
  • From @afercia: Block specific responsive controls – very complicated and questionable semantics, particularly due to multiple controls that share the same label – labels should be unique. Topic will be discussed in design meeting, as well.