Accessibility Team Meeting Notes: 1/11/2019

Meeting notes on Slack

Update on Block Editor Documentation

Dave Ryan gave an update on progress towards publishing the Block Editor user docs. The materials are almost finished being unified and outlined, and they hope to get the docs into HelpHub by the end of January.

Track progress on the User Docs

Dicussion on Gutenberg Phase 2 Planning

Continued discussing coordination planning for Gutenberg phase 2, trying to improve what didn’t work in phase 1. Andrea Fercia proposes a new team that takes responsibility for feature scoping that combines facets from accessibility, design, and internal architecture.

Not everybody agrees that a new team would help solve the problem.

Will continue discussion next week. This is expected to be a long-term assessment.

Individual & team goals for 2019

Joe Dolson asked for individual members to communicate their goals for 2019 in WordPress Accessibility in an attempt to keep track of projects and what people are doing.

Progress on automated testing

There’s an updated version of the scripts package; project is moving forward. Will communicate with @greatislander to eventually share information with the Theme Review team once the automated testing suite is sufficiently mature.

Plans for the Nimbus testing server

The team has had a dedicated server for some years used for running user tests. It has not been used significantly recently, so the team voted to decommission the server. Future tests can be prepped on an ad hoc basis.

Open Forum

Andrea Fercia requested feedback on a quirky JAWS/IE11 issue with fieldsets.