Accessibility Team Meeting Notes: 12/14/2018

Meeting notes on Slack

WordPress 5.0.2 update

Note: WordPress 5.0.1 was released between the publication of the agenda and the meeting, so all references to 5.0.1 are assumed to refer to 5.0.2.

There were no significant updates pertaining accessibility plans in WordPress 5.0.2. There are some outstanding pull requests milestoned in the Gutenberg GitHub repository, but no definite progress.

Block Editor Documentation update

While the user documentation was finished prior to the release of WordPress 5.0, there was insufficient time to prepare it for publication. This is largely because of the need to edit and merge different sets of documentation in order to avoid redundancy.

With the upcoming holidays and associated slowdown, the public availability of the the documentation is still unknown.

Follow up from WordCamp US hackathon

Deque supported a hackathon to implement automated testing using Axe. The hackathon was well-received and effective, with several potential projects coming out of it.

Two big highlights are the beginnings of a11y tests added to the Gutenberg e2e test suite ( and work developed to add automated tests to Twenty Nineteen. The Twenty Nineteen tests are intended to become a base pattern for testing accessibility in themes generally.

The team created a GitHub project to track ideas and progress on these projects. WordPress automated accessibility testing project

Block editor strategic planning

Gutenberg Phase 2 is in very early stages. The only notable publication is a set of early mock-ups. While these shouldn’t be taken as definitive, they are indicators of what is being considered and proposed. However, we should all keep our eyes open to watch for any red flag issues, to try and avoid having problems crop up later.

Open Forum

Discussed raising the topic of the fixing the settings API again. This was last raised about 2 years ago, but was largely dropped as focus turned to the development of the new editor. It’s definitely a worthwhile project, but should be coordinated with any discussions concerning the long term goals for Gutenberg.