Accessibility Team Meeting Notes: November 30, 2018

Meeting transcript on Slack

Accessibility review for the 5.0 About page

Related ticket: #45178.

The About page looks good. The only concern is wether the Classic Editor informations should be shown when the plugin is installed but not activated.

Update on WPCampus Gutenberg accessibility audit

WPCampus is doing a fundraising to support an accessibility audit on Gutenberg. @bamadesigner is coordinating the initiative.

The audit is also supposed to provide actionable data. Most vendors offered to submit issues to Github and talk through the issues. The focus of the audit lies mostly on WCAG 2.0 and 2.1.

The selection committee is finalizing the selection of the vendor. They are in the process of sending follow up questions to the vendors in hopes of deciding late next week, or right after WordCamp US.

Any help and support to show the community how important this is would be nice.

Current progress on Gutenberg accessibility documentation

The document is still available in Google Docs. @abrightclearweb is reviewing the last details.

@chrisvanpatten and @dryanpress from the Docs team are working to implement the document on Gutenberg user documentation, since this guide is valuable for all users. They will ask the Accessibility team to review the Assistive technologies section.

Information about the WordCamp US Contributor Day accessibility team table / the hackathon

@rianrietveld is coordinating the initiative.

Developers from Deque Systems will join the accessibility team and WP core developers at the contributor day. They will work together to set up automated accessibility testing for WordPress.
The plan is to create a framework for testing and example tests for themes first (like Twenty Nineteen) and also generate a list of tests to write.

If there is time the goal is also to set up a framework for Gutenberg and core. @johnbillion and @joemcgill will help out during the contributor day.