Plans for the Hackathon with Deque at the WCUS Contributor day

Deque Systems will join WordPress core developers to set up automated accessibility testing for WordPress, at the contributor day of WordCamp US in Nashville, December 9th.

Today we had a chat on what we will do then and how to set up the Hackathon with:

  • @johnbillion @joemcgill and @rianrietveld from WordPress
  • Caitlin Cashin, Dylan Barrell and Stephen Mathieson from Deque. Dylan and Stephen, both lead developers at Deque, will be at the Hackathon.

We discussed what the most useful will be to work on and decided that targeting accessibility test for themes (specific Twenty Nineteen)  might be a good starting point. Then theme and plugin developers can use this setup/framework to write tests of their own.

We can start creating a framework and write some accessibility test for Twenty Nineteen and generate a list of tests to write. If there is time (and help from the Gutenberg team) set up a framework for Gutenberg and core.


  • Ask for a dedicated Slack channel for preparations and discussions  – Rian will ask @pento
  • Ask WordCamp US for a post on their website about the Hackathon – Rian
  • Create a local development setup – Joe/John/Deque
  • Get the testing framework setup – Deque
  • Create a few sample tests – TBD
  • Generate a list of tests – TBD

We can use help from core and Gutenberg developers, so ping us or comment below if you want to join.