Accessibility Team Meeting Notes: November 23, 2018

Meeting transcript on Slack

Current progress on Gutenberg accessibility / WP 5.0 RC1

WordPress 5.0 RC1 is now available for tests.

The blog post introduced an accessibility related ticket about allowing low privileged users to use ARIA attributes.

Basically these ones are now allowed in the post content:


Concerning Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 timeframe 

The release candidate is out and from there the timeline for release will be determined. Unless it is a blocker, new tickets or issues will be milestoned in 4.6 for Gutenberg plugin and in 5.0.1 for WordPress Core.

Current progress on Gutenberg accessibility documentation

The current document is available in Google Docs.

@abrightclearweb is looking for comments from the accessibility team.

@dryanpress to help moving this document to developers and users docs.

Feedback on the Notice for assistive technologies users to include in WordPress 5.0 About page

The initial ticket was #45270 and the issue was finally addressed in ticket #45178.

The current wording is “Note to users of assistive technology: if you experience usability issues with the block editor, we recommend you continue to use the Classic Editor.” followed by a link to the WP Admin plugin install page (only visible if the user can install plugins).

At this time, there is no confirmation if the Classic Editor plugin is going to be bundled with WordPress 5.0 or not.

WCAG success criteria: should the team refer to WCAG criteria in issues?

Decision: WCAG criteria can be referenced in issues or tickets but they are not mandatory. The accessibility team is not going to make a policy on it.

Update about the WordCamp US Contributor Day accessibility team table / The Hackathon

(related: previous blog post)

People involved in this initiative will get in touch next week with Deque System to organize the hackathon.

Open floor

There’s some inconsistency in the screen-reader-text documentation in the handbook: specifically position: absolute uses !important. It will be removed from the handbook.

@afercia to create a ticket about icon-only controls in WordPress Admin.

Next meeting

Next weekly meeting: November 30, 2018 at 16:00 UTC