Accessibility Team Meeting Notes: November 9, 2018

Meeting transcript on Slack

Current progress on Gutenberg Accessibility

At the time of the meeting, major issues with Publishing Flow were near merge and expected to land soon. Otherwise, minor fixes to labels are all that’s been implemented. The publishing flow fixes were the last of the accessibility issues previously listed in the Merge:Accessibility milestone (although Gutenberg was in fact merged prior to meeting these issues.)

@tofumatt indicated that he intends to work on identifying a next phase of high priority issues now that these are resolved.

Current progress on Gutenberg accessibility documentation

@abrightclearweb sent an update indicating that the accessibility documentation for Gutenberg is mostly finished, but needs editing. 

Feedback about the information message for Assistive Technology users (#45270)

The accessibility team greatly desires a transparent notification to give users of Assistive Technology immediate information about the state of accessibility in Gutenberg and the opportunity to install the classic editor plug-in. Given recent conversations about bundling the classic editor plug-in on updates, this would greatly assist feasibility, and may change the way it is presented.

We will provide further ideas and suggestions within the ticket to try and identify the best method and text to express this. 

Discuss current Gutenberg Block issues

Some blocks (notably the media with text,  table, column, and list blocks) have noticeably worse accessibility than others. We need to decide whether we want to specifically recommend that blocks be omitted from the release until they are improved. Some of these blocks are in need of significant work due to bugs in essential functionality, so they should improve, regardless. 

We will post recommendations on Monday, based on a review of progress at this point in the release candidate.

Open floor

We discussed issue 10559 “Current block invisible focus when Unified Toolbar is on“. This issue touches on the removal of focus and hover outlines on blocks when using the unified toolbar interface option. We feel that there are users who may prefer to have both the focus tools and the unified toolbar option, and this is currently not possible, despite the fact that there is an additional option (spotlight mode) that also removes the focus and hover outlines. 

Author note: at the time of the meeting, WordPress 5.0 was scheduled for November 19th. The release of WordPress 5.0 has been shifted to November 27th, and other dates have also been adjusted. The meeting record reflects the dates as known at the time of the meeting.