Accessibility Team Meeting Notes: November 2, 2018

Meeting transcript on Slack

Scheduled bug scrub for 5.0 release

WordPress 5.0 bug scrub sessions are scheduled and listed on this post.

Move meeting and bug scrub timeslot after end of Day Saving Time

The new Accessibility meetings timeslots are:

Accessibility bug scrub: Friday, 15:00 UTC
Accessibility team meeting: Friday, 16:00 UTC

Gutenberg accessibility documentation

@abrightclearweb got back to working on the documentation but have had to revise a fair bit of what was there due to the UI changes.

This Document is available here. Feel free to contribute, it is open for comments and suggestions.

Feedback after the Gutenberg Accessibility Report

Note: we refer to the Gutenberg Accessibility Report Post.

@joedolson ’s overall feeling is that it’s been good for exposing issues to the larger community and clarifying the concerns, but it has not had any effect on the proposed schedule.

The Accessibility team members have made their stance clear, and they think it would be nonproductive for the team to continue to make noise about that – if this article wasn’t enough to budge the schedule, then the team needs to embrace what they have and just try to get specific issues resolved.

In that end, @joedolson is going to write a post detailing accessibility improvements in Gutenberg since last Monday, and try and keep positive momentum.

The team agreed that It’s fair to say Gutenberg is better than block-based equivalent interfaces because of the accessibility work done.

Side note: If you want to be acknowledged as signatory of the report, please feel free to reply to the first comment with your name.

Notice for assistive technologies users to include in WordPress 5.0

The Accessibility Team ask to include a clear notice to inform users of assistive technologies they can still use the Classic Editor plugin which is maintained by the WordPress community. 

A Trac ticket was created following this discussion.


The remaining items of the agenda will be discussed during the next Accessibility Team Meeting.

Next meeting: November 9th, 2018 at 16:00 UTC