Accessibility Team Meeting Notes: October 22, 2018

Meeting transcript on Slack

Agenda for the meeting

  1. Update the Slack channel topic: add a kind invite to not use threads, as they’re barely accessible.
  2. Reps election: the team needs to elect two reps among the team active contributors.
  3. Discuss meeting new weekday / time
  4. Communication plan for the Gutenberg accessibility feedback
  5. Accessibility feedback on Gutenberg: be kind, open, transparent, professional
  6. Open floor

Update the Slack channel topic to inform about threads inaccessibility

The accessibility channel topic has been updated to invite users to not use threads, because they are not accessible. 

New Slack channel topic: Team meeting every Friday at 15:00 UTC. Please don’t use Slack threads as they’re not accessible.

New Team Reps

Team Rep is a leadership role that is mostly administrative in nature; it is not a Lead role. Team Reps have an official role and represent the project in a professional, courteous manner when speaking on behalf of the team.

The primary Team Rep is responsible for posting a weekly update of the team’s activity to the Make/Updates blog, as well as raising any issues or red flags that other teams should be aware of or discussing.

@joedolson, @audrasjb and @arush volunteered and were confirmed as Team reps. They will discuss and organize the primary/backup roles and the rotation between themselves.

Discuss meeting new weekday/time

The accessibility team meeting timeslot have been changed to every Friday at 15:00 UTC.

The bug scrub timeslot will be discussed during the next accessibility team meeting.

The Slack channel topic and the informations on Make/Accessibility and Make/Meetings have been updated.

Communication plan for the Gutenberg accessibility feedback

First, any communication needs to happen very quickly – before the next version releases. All reviews and feedbacks have to happen very quickly. This is one of the key challenges the accessibility team had for a long time: to review and respond on a very quick scale as Gutenberg updates happens every two weeks.

@lonelyvegan: Gutenberg updates are published with a changelog, and things shouldn’t be changing significantly before the release as we’re at more/less UI freeze. @lonelyvegan will post any especially accessibility-focused/impacted changes and highlight the issues/pull requests where changes are happening.

As a general rule, the best way to communicate feedback on the project is to file a new GitHub issue. Having comments on merged pull requests or closed issues makes them tough to work on and to make smaller, iterative changes.

The accessibility team will publish a detailed post about the accessibility level of Gutenberg. The goal is not to highlight technical details as single components in Gutenberg can always be improved. It is rather to communicate a general and professional statement on the level of overall accessibility in Gutenberg.

@joedolson to write this document and to communicate with the people involved. The team will review and discuss it during the next meeting, and publish after the meeting.

Accessibility feedbacks on Gutenberg

The accessibility team have to be kind, transparent and professional. Any feedback must specify what version was tested.

Gutenberg is now in User Interface freeze status. The current release version is 4.1 and should be tested.