Team meetings September 3 and 10, 2018

Transcript meeting in Slack

Meeting topics

Gutenberg accessibility work update by @afrecia

There is a new feature (despite of the feature freeze) “Spotlight Mode”: Andrea addressed some a11y concerns here.

Request from Andrea: please test Spotlight Mode and Full Screen mode for accessibility (keyboard use, screen reader feedback, voice recognition control). They are both merged into the latest Gutenberg release.

At this moment there are still 99 open accessibility issues, 12 of them are labeled Milestone Merge Proposal, so have priority.

Gutenberg AT Manual

@abrightclearweb is working on a Gutenberg manual for assistive technology (AT). And while writing she also finds new issues which she reports on the Gutenberg Github repo. Draft version manual.

It’s a lot of work, help with this is very much appreciated. @Wingo5315 is already helping out.

WP a11y handbook

At the contributor day in WordCamp Nijmegen attendees reviewed the handbook. We a Google doc and have now 6 pages of comments; @lucp checked for HTML/CSS errors, @ireneyoast fixed typos , translation and code errors and @jaapwiering did a huge amount of work reorganising and trying to give more structure to the pages. @rianrietveld will process this in the next few weeks.

A11y review codex/develop

We need to review the code examples in the codex (develop) section of They contain a11y mistakes, and as this code will be copy/pasted a lot, we need to fix them.
Rian talked with Pieter Daalder (@wizzard_) from the docs team. The proper workflow for this is add a comment on the page with the error and ping in the doc channel that you need this fixed.

Drupal and Gutenberg

Drupal shows interest in using Gutenberg. At the request of Per Andre Rønsen, Rian posted in the Drupal #accessibility channel info about where to find the issues in Github and what the status is. Let’s see what happens.

Project management tool

We are going to research a good project management tool for the a11y team. Other teams use Trello, but maybe that’s not accessible enough for our use. An alternative could be GitHub projects.

What we did on a contributor day

Proposal: if you led a team on a contributor day, white a summary about what you did, so we can post it on our blog.

To-do list

  • Test Gutenberg new features Spotlight Mode and Full Screen mode for accessibility
  • Find an accessible project management tool
  • Gutenberg AT Manual: Ask for help from marketing team and users of AT
  • Handbook: Process feedback at WordCamp Nijmegen
  • Codex/Develop: Set up a review of the example code in those sections
  • Write blogpost about impact new recommendation WCAG 2.1 AA for WordPress

Next meetings

  • Gutenberg bug scrub: September 17, 14:00 UTC
  • Team meeting: September 17, 15:00 UTC