Contributor day at WordCamp Europe 2018

The accessibility tables where divided in two parts as always:

  • people who wanted help understanding a11y or needed a review of their work
  • accessibility experts that wanted to help out

But now we also had developers from the Gutenberg and Yoast team who helped with the list of GitHub issues that still needs work.

Gutenberg work

Andrea Fercia led the Gutenberg work.

Meetings with other teams

Sami Keijonen and Rian Rietveld talked to the marketing team about how to promote/ integrate our handbook best practice section in the other teams documentation.


  • Rian did a super quick review of Jetpack and showed Enej Bajgoric how to use some test tools like aXe.
  • Adrian Roselli reviewed and helped improve the Minimal Share Buttons with Milen Petrinski-Gonzo

Thanks all of you so much for joining the 2 a11y tables.