Pair programming on the contributors day

The accessibility team plans to organise pair programming for Gutenberg on the WordCamp Europe contributor day, pairing up accessibility experts and Gutenberg developers.

There are still 11 issues open for the Merge Proposal: Accessibility. And they need to get fixed soon.

For a detailed list of what needs to be done for accessibility, please read the List of work for the WCEU’18 contributor day.

The a11y team doesn’t have enough expertise to write some of the pull requests for the Gutenberg milestone issues and most Gutenberg developers have not enough expertise on web accessibility. So pairing them up at the contributor day seems like the best solution to get work done quickly.

Are you a developer that knows her/his way around the Gutenberg code and are you going to WordCamp Europe in Belgrade? Please help us out! Give @rianrietveld a ping in WordPress Slack and we will add you to the Gutena11y table.

There will be free stroopwafels.