This week in WordPress Accessibility, March 5, 2018

WPa1y team meeting

Transcript in Slack


Work goes well. @samikeijonen is working on a post about SVG, @rianrietveld is writing about wp.a11y.speak().



We discussed the accessibility requirements for Gutenberg, before merging into core.
@afercia proposed

  1. Keyboard navigation through blocks needs to be greatly simplified and streamlined. See the experiment with navigation mode / edit mode.
  2. For some components, there’s the need to constrain tabbing within the component (i.e. they should behave like “modals”).
  3. The publishing flow needs to be simplified, currently its accessibility is terrible.
  4. Everything needs to live inside the landmark regions.
  5. Text mode: a simple textarea is the only guarantee to enable users to publish content, regardless of the device / technology they use.

We agreed on one extra:
6. Write documentation for keyboard and screen reader users.
Andrea opened a GitHub issue for this: User guide and keyboard shortcuts documentation


Andrea asks for more people to test the accessibility of Gutenberg.
Rian wrote a test set for this (Gutenberg accessibility testing) and she did an initial test with keyboard only.: Keyboard test Gutenberg, a first try.
The plan is to ask testers from the wpa11y test team to do this test too and so discover more issues. We plan to have a large a11y test session at the contributor day at WordCamp London.

Items on the To-do list

  • Add a page in the handbook about which screen reader / OS / browser combinations to use
  • A11y test Gutenberg (@everyone)
  • Investigate and screen reader test the use of a navigation landmark inside header landmark
  • Research screen reader performance for code short codes like [ php ] or [ html ]
  • ATAG statement (@joedolson)
  • WCAG statement (@rianrietveld)

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