This week in WordPress Accessibility, February 12, 2018

Transcript of a meeting in Slack.


@rianrietveld and @samikeijonen worked on Accessibility Handbook in WordCamp Jyväskylä. They decided to take over writing the articles so that handbook is done quicker and more uniform. Naturally lot’s of help is needed:

  • gathering resources
  • gathering topics
  • review texts

aria-label wording in navigation landmark

We should avoid word navigation in aria-label when using navigation landmark. For example <nav aria-label="Primary navigation"> will be announced as Primary navigation navigation because screen readers add the word navigation by themselves.

One option is remove word navigation: <nav aria-label="Primary">. Or use other wording like <nav aria-label="Primary Menu">.

Gutenberg status

@afercia had couple issues he would consider the minimum required for version 1:

  • Implement navigation mode / edit mode for the blocks.
  • A method to constrain tabbing within components that need to be treated as sort of “modals”.

Accessibility support forum status

We should check more frequently accessibility support forum. At the moment there is no assigned people who do that.

Navigation landmark inside header landmark

Given that assistive technologies don’t behave the same way with nested landmarks, we should try to avoid nested landmarks. In reality it’s really common to have <nav> inside <header>. Mostly because of the design.

More investigation and testing should be done to get more details and issues about nested landmarks.