Contributor day at WordCamp US 2017

The accessibility table was divided in two parts as always:

  • people who wanted help understanding a11y and a review of their work
  • people who know a11y and wanted to help testing

Jackie D’Elia (@jdelia) and Katherine White (@katwhite) did a full day a11y review of Gutenberg. They created issues on GitHub and also wrote up extra comments with their opinion. Both ladies are accessibility experts, so that was super useful. All data was sent to Tammie Lister (@karmatosed).

Andrea Fercia (@afercia) worked all morning with Alex Stine (@alexstine), a 16 yr old blind developer that uses NVDA, who came with his father to help the team. Andrea set up SVN on Alex’ computer so he can create patches. He’s a really smart and talented young dev. He wants to write code and test for the team.

Andrea also worked on colour contrast issues in Gutenberg.

Rian explained how to test for accessibility to several devs and designers and reviewed their work. As on every contributor day she gave a 30 minute workshop on keyboard navigation. This time for about 20 people, so that was great. She had a discussion with meta team about the a11y issues of Rian will do a review of the pages later this and create a ticket on the meta trac with a list of issues that needs to be fixed.

Leo Postovoit (@postphotos) joined us, he wants to work on documentation, especially for the information about deaf and hard of hearing people. Leo also wants to help with marketing of the team and the handbook. He will join the team meetings in Slack.

This was a good contributors day. Leo wants to join the a11y team and has many ideas he wants to work on. It was a joy to see to Jacky and Katherine install Gutenberg via Git on your local install and test, no help needed, working hard. Alex traveled with his father all the way to Nashville to introduce himself and to help out. We now have 3 new awesome testers, this is so much appreciated.