This week in WPA11y, July 31, 2017

Transcript of the meeting

Handbook and Documentation

@samikeijonen , @travel_girl and @rianrietveld will work together to look at the current documentation on about accessibility and see how they can improve and extend that.
Rian will setup meetings for this.

Test output Gutenberg in the frontend

@afercia set up a page on our test server with all blocks from Gutenberg version 0.5.0. We need to test if this code is valid and accessible, as this will end up on all WP websites eventually. There was a discussion about the usefulness of testing now, as G. is moving and changing so fast at the moment. Also G. 0.6 is already out: Andrea will set up a page for that too. Especially galleries and other complex HTML constructions are imported to test.

We still need more developers who can work on the accessibility of Gutenberg.

Manage a11y tickets

We should be more vigorous about blocking implementation chatter during bug scrubs and keep the discussion about solving the issue with the ticket itself. This way we have more time to also look at the Gutenberg issues on Github.

Open floor