This week in WPA11y – June 27, 2017

WordCamp Europe

For discussions and plans see: Takeaways from Paris.

New structure handbook

We agreed on the following new structure: Per topic short explanations, then links to good articles and examples. The resources do not need to be WordPress specific.
We’ll need some method for ensuring the currency and accuracy of resources listed, if we’re going to list specific resources. So probably restrict the resources to the most authoritative ones. And we need to check the resources regularly.

Order of things:

  • make a list of topics
  • add an intro per topic
  • add resources to it

@samikeijonen and @rianrietveld will start with a spreadsheet gathering the topics, everyone can add possible resources to that later, so we can see what we can use for the handbook.

Test Gutenberg

Now Gutenberg is available as plugin we want to install it on our test server and give it to the test team this week. With a clear description on what it does and a link to the issues already reported on GitHub.

@arush already gave her review: Gutenberg With A Screen Reader: Initial Thoughts And Reactions

Adjustments Accessibility Coding Standards

@joedolson is working on a new draft, work in progress.

New Settings API

The plugin Settings API enhanced is now an almost complete prototype, but still needs refinements and design. It’s a prototype though, many things could change. We would like feedback from more people before moving on.

And what else happend

Next meetings

Next New Setting API meeting: July 3 ,2017 at 16:00 UTC in the Slack #core channel
Next WPa11y meeting: July 3, 2017 at 17:00 UTC in the Slack #accessibility channel.


Takeaways from Paris

So the community summit, the contributor day and WordCamp Europe happened in Paris. And this is what we learned from all the discussions we had during that warm week in June:

Education instead of taking over

The accessibility team must not try to do everything themselves. Like raise and solve all accessibility trac tickets themselves. What we should do is add to the tickets how they should be solved and let other developers do the patches (or ask them to do). Hopefully this will attract more developers to do accessibility tickets. That way the developers will learn instead of handover to us. Now the team is like a proxy, everything needs to go though us, slowing the process down. What we need to accomplish is that the developers solve the issues themselves, and we just help them if needed.


The handbook must be replaced by a list of resources, good examples and test tools, with short explanations. We don’t need to write everything ourselves, but make list of links with a short intro per subject. Focus on education and point to good info. In other words: help and educate the developers instead of fixing ourselves.

Testing and research

We need to ask more a11y experts from outside the WordPress community to assist us with the testing and research. For this we can reach out to companies specialised in accessibility, ask them if they can sponsor time to do research on WP core and featured projects.

So this defines 3 tasks for the a11y team

  • Teach: Provide easy to use overview of resources for developers
  • Research: Test and research current and new functionality for accessibility
  • Help: Review and raise accessibility tickets and provide developers with info on how to solve the issues

This doesn’t mean we won’t be working on tickets and issues on GitHub, we want to move our team focus to research, education and support.

This week in WPA11y – June 5, 2017

WordCamp Europe

Topics Community Summit (CS):

  • New developments for the the Editor, and how to safeguard it’s accessibility – (Core)
  • Technology version support policies – (Core)
  • How to involve more developers in helping with the accessibility tickets
  • How to proceed with the handbook
  • Addition: Considering the shift towards JS-based interfaces, we should consider to review and update the accessibility coding standards

@joedolson will write up a draft for the updated coding standards, for us to discuss on the CS.

Contributor day:
All plans are in the Google Doc: List of goals for Contributors day in WCEU.
And the is also a list of a11y tickets to pick from.


After June 26th we will start testing again. For this patches and plugins will be installed on our test server and given to the test team.

To test:

Next meetings

There won’t be a meeting or bug scrub on June 12th (due to WordCamp Europe).