This week in WPA11y – May 22, 2017


  • Tickets for 4.8
  • A11y Tasks tickets
  • Testing Gutenberg (and others?)
  • Tickets for Future Releases
  • WCEU Contributor’s day

In attendance:
Andrea Fercia @afercia
Sami Keijonen @samikeijonen
Joe Dolson @joedolson
Trisha Salas @trishasalas
…and others possibly lurking

Tickets for 4.8

  • tag cloud widget
  • custom logo alt attribute fallback

Both of these tickets are very close to commit.

@flixos90 dropped in during the meeting to say 38768 is done! 🎉

@afercia is currently fixing the tests for the custom logo alt attribute, thanks to @flixos90

A11y-task tickets

@afercia helped to define the a11y-task tickets for us.

To summarize:

  • A11y-task tickets are more related to a11y “topics”. (infinite scrolling, proximity, placeholders, CSS generated content, etc)
  • A11y-task tickets have an educational purpose 😀
  • A11y-task tickets are something we don’t have the resources to address right now, but something we should talk about with other people, to increase awareness.
  • A11y-task tickets are something to point people to when they ask about big a11y pending issues… hey look, there’s this Trac report you can have a look at.
  • A11y-task tickets are something that should be brought to other teams attention (Design Team, for example)
  • A11y-task tickets can be used as tracking tickets for separate smaller tickets.
Current A11y-Task Tickets


Everything needs to be tested, from the most basic text operation to the most complex interactions. For example: navigation in text with the keyboard, select text, select all, etc.

Installing the plugin is very easy if you already use VVV and are familiar with GitHub

See instructions for installing the plugin here:

The plugin is not complete yet, but feedback should be given as soon as possible.

As a reminder: today is May 22nd and the Gutenberg deadline for a first 1.0 version is the end of June, as far as I know.

There are already several issues open on GitHub with the `accessibility` label.

Discussion about tickets for Future Releases will be put on hold until we are more comfortable with the state of accessibility in Gutenberg.

WCEU Contributor Day

The WCEU Committee has requested that each team come up with a list of goals due by June 9th for contributor day.

@sami.keijonen asked how we should prioritize and organize tasks given that we will have 30-40 people in attendance.

@joedolson mentioned “Training is frequently the most valuable part of contributor days – just trying to get people better educated about a11y. Getting a patch done is nice, but getting 40 people to know a11y better has more long-term value. I’d suggest segmenting the group according to experience, and have different plans for groups with more or less experience.”

The plan is to do both workshops and training along with identifying some simple tickets to have ready.

Homework for the team is

  • Have a list of goals ready for next week (5/29/2017)
  • Identify some ‘good first bug’ accessibility tickets