Week in WPa11y, March 29 – April 4 2017

New keyword a11y-task

@afercia created a new tickets keyword a11y-task. These tickets aim to start a discussion and spread awareness about a11y issues that maybe can’t be resolved so soon. It’s also a way of being able to find accessibility tasks that we aren’t actively working on.

Current work a11y team

Gutenberg: as soon as the featured plugin is released we will test it.

Tag Cloud adjustments (tag-cloud): #35566 #40187 #40186 #40184 #40138
@samikeijonen and @davidakennedy

Settings API plugin: @flixos90
Felix released the plugin on GitHub: https://github.com/wpaccessibility/settings-api-enhanced which at the moment does exactly the same as the latest patches on #39441
We can work on this plugin to iterate to the one-column layout we aim to have for admin forms.
The advantages of developing in GitHub are:

  • Users can easily test the latest changes without us being required to do extra work.
  • Better diffs (because of individual commits) so that we can easier see what has changed over the last “patch”.
  • Easier collaboration (more people are familiar with git).

Once we get to a first version of the one-column layout that is ready for testing, we should consider also adding the plugin to the wordpress.org plugin repo and formally announcing it as a feature project. This will allow us to hopefully get more voices on the honestly quite drastic changes and also to ask for user testing.

Colour contrast in the Admin: @adamsoucie

Required fields @rianrietveld

Non-link links: @cheffheid

Remove title attribute in the Admin: any volunteer

To be worked on later

Test requests (keyword a11y-feedback)


Test the patches for

  • #35497: List tables: Post format links improvements
  • #31476: Semantic elements for non-link links: /wp-admin/includes/widgets.php

Test the plugin Settings API Enhanced

Interesting reads this week

Next meetings in the Slack #accessibility channel