Accessibility discussions and work at WordCamp London 2017

At WordCamp London the a11y team worked during the contributors day and the two days after that on several issues. We where privileged to have Adrian Roselli joining us for two days to pluck his brain.

Besides working on a11y tickets on trac we spend a large amount of time discussing and making decisions:

Settings API: @karmatosed agreed to go for a one column design. @flixos90 will work on a patch and we will ask for the design team to help us. Summary of the Settings API discussion.

Use of a code editor instead of the Text editor@grahamarmfield tested Code Mirror with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and we discussed what the consequences would be of implementing this or any other code editor or syntax highlighter. Overall conclusion: A code editor is useful, but it should be implemented as an opt-in, not as default until there is an accessible version available. Summary of the Code Editor discussion.

Gutenberg: The new block based editor. We researched and discussed the editor prototypes on Github and together with Adrian came with a list of recommendations to safeguard the accessibility. Issue at the Guterberg GitHub repo.

Thanks for joining in the discussions and the work: @karmatosed @afercia @flixos90 @grahamarmfield @samikeijonen Adrian Roselli @hedgefield @abrightclearweb @moorscode and many others.

And a huge thank you for the organisers of WordCamp London!