a11y update week 37 2016

Summary meeting WPa11y team, September 2016


Work is in progress by @trishasalas, @iamjolly and @rachievee.

Theme review

There are now 112 accessibility-ready themes in the repository. 80+ Waiting for a review, still a long waiting list. More help with reviewing is most welcome. @iamjolly will help this week and also Caroline Nymark had been doing reviews.

@joedolson made a minor tweak to the guidelines last week at @afercia‘s request: adding type=button to the best practice example for creating action buttons in themes.

<button class=”menu-toggle” type=”button”>Menu</button>

Twenty Seventeen

The new theme Twenty Seventeen is available at GitHub:
@davidakennedy will monitor the work and give the team a ping when it’s ready for an accessibility review.


There is some progress in the Select2 accessibility issues Andrea posted on GitHub.

Kevin Brown :

In the next couple of weeks, we plan to work with others to get Select2 to be accessible under the most basic use case: a flat dropdown that is searchable. Since that appears to be the use case that most screen readers support.


#34635: WordPress image’s title is not alt
We discussed in length a solution to prevent nonsense for an alt attribute and to be able to set an empty alt=””. @joemcgill is going to work on a patch.

Open floor

@davidakennedy: I’m trying to research for Twenty Seventeen is whether it’s possible/advisable to remove the explicit ARIA roles in Twenty Seventeen. Like, role="banner".
In the team we have very different views on this. We need to research this further (browser support/AT support/usage etc).

Bug scrub

#38023: Menus screen: simplify the Menu Settings controls.
The form layout for the menu settings is done with <dl>.
It would be great to use proper form elements instead (fieldset, legend). We have similar constructions on other pages, maybe find a consistent way to do them. Needs research, set to 4.7

#16206: Comment text not marked as required
and related
#37331: New site form has non-required fields that have to be filled in.
We’ll have a go at fixing these two for 4.7

#16413: Settings page needs HTML refactoring and UI improvements
This could get some traction if the Fields API gets into core; that would be a starting point for redoing these types of pages, so we wait for that (not in 4.7 yet, according to @sc0ttkclark).

#18801: Accessibility Enhancements to Settings AP
It’s basically the same issue as #16413.

#21414: Use the “Keyboard Shortcuts” checkbox in the user profile to turn on/off all custom shortcuts
Seems it’s in good hands at the moment.

#21583: Improve discoverability and visual design of Screen Options and Help Panels
It would be nice to get this into core, but it’s a lot of work and will take some releases.