Summary Team Chat for Februari 8, 2016

Core accessibility coding standards

After discussion with @jorbin some last changes where made on the Accessibility Coding Standards. @jorbin will bring it up at the next Core meeting to make sure there are no objections there.


@hearvox finished the Quick Start Guide in our Handbook. @rachievee is working to add other pages to expand on topics from the Quick guide that need longer explanations.
@trishasalas organizes a one time meeting on Februari the 22nd 17:30 UTC to discuss finalizing (for now) the structure for the handbook. In the meantime Trisha is going to begin writing the Plugin section of the Handbook.

Accessibility Test Team

Nimbus Hosting is so generous to sponsor the #wpa11y team with a VPS server. Here we can install a production, nightly and trunk version of WordPress and also have SVN and SSH access.
We will set the server up next week, then we’re up and running again and resume sending tests to our team.

Accessibility-ready themes

Joe started to work on a fork of the theme unit test data, focused on accessibility testing – a smaller set of data, eliminating false positives in the data, etc. He will let us know when it’s usable.

The post with the requirements for the accessibility-ready tag has been improved. There is now more information on how to test a theme to help theme authors better.


@afercia: Investigation about color contrast continues.

#26601: Inappropriate content in headings on admin screens.
@trishasalas will write an new, refresed patch, keeping the add new link visually on the same place but placing it in the HTML outside the h1 heading

From Februari 16 on we will have an extra meeting to work on tickets. The group has grown so much last year that we need more time to discuss and work on core tickets then we have now in the regular meeting. This ticket meetings will be every Tuesday on 18:30 UTC.

And from everybody in the a11y team:
We wish @accessiblejoe a good and quick recovery!

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