Accessibility Handbook and Docs Update

Since WordCamp US we’ve gotten a lot more people contributing to the wpA11y Documentation team.  Welcome to Robert Jolly (@iamjolly), Barret Golding (@hearvox), Job Thomas (@jobtex) Scott Mann, Rachel Vasquez (@rachievee) and Nancy Thanki (@nancythanki)!

The spreadsheet for contributing the the Accessibility Handbook can be found here

The idea is similar to the other handbooks in that you pick a section or even a page within that section and you can be the lead for that part of the handbook.  As you can see some of the sections have very little content (or none at all in some cases!) so we are in need of content creation as well as editing.

I have also started a basecamp that will hopefully help us to stay organized.  If you would like access to that please either comment here with your email address or you can ping me in Slack @trishasalas.

Note that no content has been removed from the Handbook, things have just been rearranged.  If you can’t find something you were working on let me know and we can look together 😉