Team meeting summary December 14, 2015

The last month, especially after WordCamp US we’ve got a lot more people contributing to the wpa11y team.
Welcome Robert Jolly, Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Cheo Walker, Sakin Shrestha, Barret Golding, Adam Soucie, Scott Mann and Rachel Vasquez!

We want to keep all the new people involved, not make them feel lost or left out and leave.
Therefore we decided to form working groups, assign one lead and divide the new people in the workgroups, so they know what to do and who to ask for help/work. People can jump in and out of groups as work ebbs and flows.

Working groups


  • Task: Find accessibility issues, write and discuss tickets on core trac and code patches for WordPress core.
  • Lead: Andrea Fercia
  • Contributors: Joe Dolson, Jeffrey de Wit, Sergey Biryukov, Cheo Walker, Trisha Salas, Adam Soucie, Robert Jolly, Rian Rietveld.


  • Task: Write documentation about accessibility in our Handbook and on other relevant places on
  • Lead: Trisha Salas
  • Contributors: Joseph O’Connor, Barret Golding, Richard Senior, David Kennedy, Rachel Vasquez.
  • Joe Dolson and Robert Jolly volunteered to review written content.

Theme team


  • Task: Find accessibility issues, write and discuss tickets on meta trac and code patches for the website and
  • Lead: Joe Dolson
  • Contributors: Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Barret Golding, Trisha Salas

WordCamp themes

  • Task: Review of the WordCamp themes and help with fixing the accessibility
  • Lead: David Kennedy
  • Contributors: Jeffrey de Wit, Adam Soucie

Test team

  • Task: Test the accessibility of new and exsisting functionallity in and for WordPress core, at the request of the other workgroups and teams
  • Lead: Rian Rietveld
  • Contributors: > 75 volunteers, with different kind of assistive tecnology and/or accessibility expertise

Accessibility code standards for core

During the WCUS community summit in Philadelphia we made a start with accessibility code standards for core.
Joe Dolson put a concept for the a11y code standards together.
Please look at the concept and comment on it.


Barret and Trisha are working on a good outine for the documentation, lots of good ideas, work in progress, more next week.


The last #a11y-headings ticket is #26601 Inappropriate content in headings on admin screens.
Joe Dolson will look into this, make a decision on how to solve this issue. On the WCUS contributors day we discussed this and the outcome od this was: First get the link out of the heading, without changing the visual design. And after that is committed, start the discussion of removing it conpletely from the post-new.php / post.php pages.

Next big project for 4.5: Color contrast ratio of the colors used in the WordPress Admin.
The official colors to use are on
Related ticket: #31234 closed Update wp-admin default colors.

We need to review them and fix contrast ratios for text and background lower than 4.5.
The tickets we file for this will be labeled #a11y-color.

Also related:
#34957 #a11y-focus: Standardizing the handling of :focus and :hover
Any feedback on this ticket for the project is appreciated by Adam Soucie


Ideas for meta.trac tickets from Barret:
1. the skip-to link needs to be closer to.
2. the skip-to link-text should be visible on focus.
3. the headings hierarchy is far from W3C standard.

Idea from Morten: Start a campaign to get WordCamp speakers to caption their own talks.

To-do for next week

Read and comment on Accessibility code standards for core.

Tickets that needs work/discussion
If you want to work on core, grab one of these tickets and help solving them

  • #31195: Add a user-friendly way to preview site responsiveness in the Customizer
  • #34625: wp-login.php site title link points to
  • #31195: Add a user-friendly way to preview site responsiveness in the Customizer
  • #35029: Remove title attributes: the revisions limit in the Publish box
  • #35050: Remove title attributes: Plugin Cards
  • #35064: Remove title attributes: options-general.php
  • #35076: Remove title attributes: the Featured Image postbox
  • #34957 #a11y-focus: Standardizing the handling of :focus and :hover
  • And every other ticket that focusses accessibility

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