Team Chat Summary November 16, 2015


Discussion of adding information about accessible content management to either the Codex or the Accessibility Handbook. Decided to add it to Handbook. Keyboard shortcuts will go in the Codex with a link from the Handbook.


#34681 Consider removing the “Disable the visual editor when writing” option.
Decided to gather user experience data. Four questions to ask:

      Do you know how to switch between the visual and HTML editor in WordPress?
      If no, please try and figure out how, and tell us how that experience was for you.
      If yes, give us your thoughts about your experience using that feature.
      Do you use the option “Disable the visual editor when writing” in your profile?

#34625: wp-login.php site title link points to
Suggested fix: removing the title attribute, changing the text to ‘Powered by WordPress’, and leaving the filter on that text.

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