Team chat Summary, May 25, 2015

Main focus of the chat: The List Table tickets

Tickets that need work

  • #32253: List table: posts navigation links pointing to same page
    And related #32028: List table pagination: text improvements for screen readers
    32028 has a working and tested patch and needs to be committed to continue the work on 32253
  • #32255: List Table: media wp-list-table lacks table header content for column-icon and related. Action: @joedolson will think of a proper heading (<th> text) for the thumbnails
  • #32509: List table: media thumbnail and title links improvements
    We stick to the current patch of #32255 and don’t add the aria-hidden + tabindex=-1> How to deal with the link in the image will be solved in#32509

Ticket that needs dev feedback

#32170: List table: sortable column headers accessibility
Summary for devs and committers:

  • we need to give feedback about the current tables ‘order by’ and ‘asc/desc order’, also in the initial view
  • we also need to make clear which columns are sortable and what will happen when users click on the table header links
  • hence, we need to get additional information about the sortable columns extending what is set in get_sortable_columns()
  • a new method print_table_description() prints a hidden table description, referenced as target for the table aria-describedby attribute

Of course we’re totally open to discuss a different implementation and better practices, any thoughts more than welcome.

Ticket that needs translation feedback

#32399List table: Lists of items should inform users about the “current view” being displayed
Needs translation feedback, how to properly translate custom post types in this case

Ticket that needs UI feedback

#32152: List table: Comments column accessibility improvements

Tickets to be closed

  • #31965: Add screen-reader-text to list “filter” links
  • #31966: Add screen-reader-text to list “filter” links: Posts and Pages

We decided on close and won’t fix because these issues will be solved when a relevant heading will be added, see ticket #32399

Tickets ready for commit

  • #32150: List table: better indication for “no taxonomy”
  • #32254: List Table: avoid adjacent links pointing to the same resource
  • #32147: List table: headings for pagination and views links
  • High priority: #32028 List table pagination: text improvements for screen readers
  • #32509: List table: media thumbnail and title links improvements

Other work:

  • High priority: #32495 WP Admin bar multi-level menu accessibility
    This has a working patch, ready to commit.
  • #31650: Missing H1 heading in the admin: @joedolson will work on this
  • #32494: Semantic elements for non-link links: Help and Screen Options

New work:

Customizer accessibility audit

Related tickets are:

  • #32493: Customizer accessibility audit (tracking ticket)
  • #31336: Customizer: separate navigation from options UI for better UX by removing accordion behavior


Related ticket:
#31696Better select, multi-select, and autocomplete/suggestion inputs in the admin.
At the moment the a11y team has no capacity to work on an a11y audit of the Select2 library.
Drupal has done some work on this already:


Team chat Summary, May 4, 2015


We use the Accessibility Priorities for 4.3 as guideline on what to work on.

List table issues:

@afercia wrote extra tickets to complete the list of issues for the list table.

  • #32150 List table: better indication for “no taxonomy”
  • #32189 List table: make the sorting indicator arrow visible on focus (new)
  • #32187 List table: Pages displayed in “Excerpt View”
  • #32170 List table: sortable column headers accessibility
  • #32015 List table views: missing current class for “All” when logged in as Author

Patches we come up with will be given to the wpa11y test team for review with assistive technology. Test result will be added as a reply with the ticket.

We discussed how to address the “too many links” and “too much noise” issues in the list table.
In the tables on edit.php and upload.php there are more than one link to edit:

  1. the post title
  2. “Edit” in the row-actions
  3. in upload.php also the attachment is a link to edit

Our proposal:

  • remove the link “Edit” in the row-actions
  • test if the link on the attachment in upload.php can be hidden for screen readers by aria-hidden

Heading structure Admin

This is a complex problem, two tickets are addressing this:

  • #31650: Missing H1 headings in admin
  • #26601: Inappropriate content in headings on admin screens.

@trishasalas will investigate how best to address this problem and add that to the according tickets, we all will join in the discussion if needed.





Accessibility Team Update: May 1, 2015

Weekly Meeting Change

This week during the Wednesday meeting we decided that the Monday testing meeting is now where the action is so we decided to stop having the Wednesday meeting. On Monday, May 4, we will all meet in the #accessibility channel in Slack at 18:00 UTC. We are also using Slack throughout the week to work on tickets and patches, ask questions, and discuss anything that comes up. First register for the WordPress forums and then follow the steps on the WordPress chat instruction page to get set up. Then find your way to #accessibility. See you there!

#team-reps, #weekly-meetings