Accessible Theme Pattern Library Update for March

Another month has passed, and work on the Accessibility Theme Pattern has chugged along.

What’s Happened? We have code committed for four additional pattens, beside the read more links one that got us going. They are:

  • A skip link.
  • A skip link for Genesis themes.
  • Dropdown menus with jQuery and without jQuery.
  • Comment form, enhanced with JavaScript and ARIA.
  • Two more patterns in progress: responsive menu and mobile menu modal.

We’ve moved from separate repositories on Github to just one. All the patterns live in sub-directories within that repository. It’s called a11ythemepatterns. Within that, we also have a basic readme file and a contributions file, explaining how to contribute.

You can see the in-progress patterns in the issues on Github.

Note: The patterns are also still available via their own separate repositories, which you can see on our Github account. Don’t use/fork those, as they’ll be removed soon. Use the a11ythemepatterns repository.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.