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  • Joe Dolson 6:07 pm on December 15, 2014 Permalink

    Taking Steps for More Accessible Themes 

    We’ve been working with the Theme Review team to coordinate sharing more information about making themes accessible, with an eye towards the goals in our Accessible Themes Roadmap. The first step in that roadmap has been published today, Three Easy tips for Accessible Theming, published at the Make/Themes blog.

    Read it, share it, and most of all, build accessible themes for WordPress!

  • Rian Rietveld 6:09 pm on December 8, 2014 Permalink  

    The weekly test session on Monday will be postponed until Monday January 5 2015.

  • Joe Dolson 5:41 pm on December 4, 2014 Permalink

    Theme Accessibility Meeting Notes 

    We had a great meeting to discuss the future of theme accessibility. You can review the complete transcript of the chat in Slack.

    We discussed many of the aspects of what it will take to make accessibility a requirement for themes – it’s a long process, but we agreed that this is possible. We started by discussing where the most appropriate place is to publish our kick off article, which is going to give three examples of areas where theme authors can improve the accessibility of their themes immediately. It will be published either on Make/Themes or here on Make/Accessibility, followed by an extensive effort to share in the community.

    Next we discussed the fledgling repository for WordPress-specific code examples for accessibility. The repository already exists at GitHub, so it’s just a matter of writing code and organizing it. David Kennedy will take the lead on developing that resource.

    Moving on, we discussed how to organize theme accessibility information and advice into the Theme handbook structure. We concluded that a conversation about how that fits in is needed, and I’ll have that with Tammie Lister before we decide exactly what those documents will be, as well as moving the existing Accessibility guidelines around in the theme reviewer’s handbook.

    Morten Rand-Hendriksen reviewed the original plan sketched out at the community summit to give people who weren’t there a basic understanding of the conversation.

    This brought up a conversation about future handling of the ‘accessibility-ready’ tag and how we should share information in the WordPress theme repository about whether a theme has been reviewed for accessibility. Right now, it’s fairly moot given the small number of themes that have been reviewed, but by the time accessibility becomes a requirement, it will be important to start labeling, to take the onus off end-users to discover whether their theme will allow them to meet their country’s legal requirements for accessibility.

    Both these issues will need to be proposed to the theme review team, so we’ll be working on writing a precise proposal that can be taken to that team and be voted on. The important thing with the proposal is clarity.

    Finally, we discussed theme reviewer training. I’ll set up a date with Tammie to work through the process with her, but will ultimately need to do something that’s less one-on-one, either through a detailed written document or a video training resource. This training process would be greatly helped by having the code repository fleshed out, so that those code examples are available to reviewers and theme developers.

    • tady 1:37 pm on December 11, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Hi folks, would it be possible to get an invite to this Slack group? I appear to have missed out on the notification regarding the move from IRC to Slack.



    • Ipstenu (Mika Epstein) 2:55 pm on December 11, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      tady, go here: https://make.wordpress.org/chat/

      You can sign up that way 🙂

    • Matt Mullenweg 3:59 pm on December 18, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I don’t think there’s any real advantage to making it a requirement, an opt-in tag gives both discoverability and distribution.

      • Deborah 2:01 pm on December 20, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Perhaps I’m missing something, but how is translation a requirement, but accessibility isn’t?

        • Joe Dolson 4:15 pm on December 20, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          “translation” is not a requirement; “translation-ready” is a requirement — those are two very different things. Translation-ready is actually a fairly trivial task to undertake. That said, so is accessibility-ready, in 95% of cases. I’m fully in favor of making some aspects of what constitutes an accessibility-ready theme required, but not necessarily all aspects; things like color contrast, with so many themes providing color changing tools and authors inevitably targeting color as one of the first things they will change, is practically irrelevant for themes.

          However, in the end, this will be a community decision.

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