IRC Meeting: December18, 2013

Focus on Keyboard Accessibility

The accessibility team met today to discuss a new initiative:

  • We will conduct an audit of keyboard accessibility and make those findings available to everyone
  • We will reach out to other teams to disseminate this information
  • Our short term goal is to add keyboard accessibility to everyone’s toolkit
  • Our long term goal is to institutionalize accessibility.

Support Requests

Two projects have asked for help from the accessibility team:

#accessibility, #team-reps, #weekly-meetings

Can anyone in the group take a look…

Can anyone in the group take a look at the issues raised in this forum thread?

Remove title attributes trac tickets

I’ve created all new tickets for each file referenced from the original remove title attributes trac ticket ( I originally split it up into 17 separate tickets, but closed 3 of them already, because they had already been committed into 3.8 or earlier.

I’ve added comments and/or patches, as relevant, on all of the remaining tickets – so please chime in with opinions as relevant! Many of these incorporate situations where a 2nd opinion would be valuable, because the title attribute incorporates relevant information and some alternative handling may be necessary.

Tickets: – 2nd opinion – 2nd opinion – 2nd opinion – 2nd opinion – 2nd opinion – 2nd opinion – 2nd opinion – 2nd opinion – 2nd opinion – 2nd opinion

tl dr I think the team can prioritize…

tl; dr: I think the team can prioritize its time and efforts better, especially around new development.

At this point you’ve all probably seen

If this had been raised a week ago, would have been no problem. Plenty of time to create and test a fix.

The meta-issue is that this is an easy catch, and keyboard accessibility is on every basic accessibility checklist. It’s been present since the very earliest days of the THX plugin.

As we do features as plugins, it’s really important that this group run and test those plugins every week to provide the perspective, experience, and patches to ensure the plugins meet the high standards of accessibility we set for ourselves. Even if a feature plugin never comes into core, it might become the canonical implementation of a given idea and be popular on its own right, and so worth investing time into.

IRC Meeting: December 4, 2013

Discussion about Analysis of what gets into the alt and title attributes when adding an image into a page/post by @grahamarmfield. Excellent work.

Discussion about what is needed to move Create new tag: accessible-ready @sams suggested that we should find an owner and get it in as soon as 3.9 development opens. He also suggested that we look at the patch in #21442 to see what’s needed.

Though we have had some new recruits to the team in the last week, we are still woefully understaffed compared to the speed, breadth, and depth of WordPress core development. We will continue to contribute where we can and are looking for more team members with deeper coding skills to help move some of the issues along.

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