IRC Meeting: October 23, 2013

Thanks to @grahamarmfield for the new welcome message on Make WordPress Accessible and for the new page Get Involved with the Make WordPress Accessible Team.

We have a draft of theme check Accessibility Guidelines and need a tag to attach to themes that make it through the voluntary process to be approved as accessible themes. We decided to do some user research to determine which terms people use when searching. We will use that info to inform our choice of tags.

In order to help do that research the team decided to start a Facebook page to hopefully reach people we are not reaching now with this blog, our @WPAccessibility account, and our LinkedIn WordPress Accessibility Group. We will also reach out to our local WordPress Meetup groups to help us do the tag research. Finally, we have asked @samuelsidler to find out if there are stats for theme search that we can use to further refine our selection of a tag or tags.

We will also review content inventory on this blog and pages and give some love to our Accessibility Codex page.

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Welcome to the Make WordPress Accessible Team

Hello. You’ve found the blog of the Make WordPress Accessible team – a bunch of volunteers who are striving to improve the accessibility of WordPress. We need your help.

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IRC Meeting: October 9, 2013

We discussed accessibility progress made by @grahamarmfield, @rianrietveld, Bram Duvigneau and others at WordCamp Europe. Rian wrote something about it:

@joedolson and @sabreuse continue to help with the Twenty Fourteen theme.

We discussed communications channels: Twitter account @WPAccessibility, Make WordPress Accessible for public discussions of the group, an email list for prep work, the WordPress Accessible LinkedIn group for public discussions for everyone, and IRC discussions for working meetings. Also discussed was the possibility of creating a Facebook page which the group decided against doing.

@rianrietveld and @atimmer discussed setting up a testing environment and will continue that discussion offline.

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IRC Meeting: October 2, 2013

The team discussed active tickets including 3.8, sabreuse->(no owner), new, Twenty Fourteen Accessibility fixes.

A list of accessibility tickets:

A team member has set up an accessibility test server pulling the updates for team use.

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Hi I’m not sure of this has been…

Hi, I’m not sure of this has been discussed before, but I saw the vote on the new MP6 theme. Has a colour scheme with sufficient contrast been suggested already? Maybe not for the default theme, but as a choice? In all of this themes the grey in the input fields is very light, did someone do some calculations on this?

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