Title Attributes Galore

The patches for Trac ticket 24766 are slated for addition to WordPress 3.7. This is great news for assistive technology users who have been forced to wade through a sea of unnecessary title attribute verbiage. But we need to ensue that the patches cover all unnecessary title attributes and that those deliberately excluded from the patches do not present any accessibility issues.

Currently, the excluded methods, functions and scripts are:

  • the_author_posts_link()
  • rss.php
  • wp_fullscreen_html()
  • get_adjacent_post_rel_link()
  • _walk_bookmarks()
  • get_image_tag()
  • the_shortlink()

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IRC Meeting: August 7, 2013

A very busy & productive meeting. We’ve identified two high priority areas that we’d like to focus on in the next couple of months.

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