Potentially useful accessibility plug in I learned about…

Potentially useful accessibility plug-in I learned about today at WordCamp Chicago: https://wordpress.org/plugins/media-ally/

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Next IRC Meetup

Just a quick reminder that the next IRC meetup will be on Wednesday, 26 June at 19:00 UTC in #wordpress-iu.

Everyone welcome!

If you have never attended an WordPress IRC meetup before, you can find all of the details you will need to join in the Codex’s IRC page.

One topic for discussion is likely to be the development of a proposed accessibility statement for WordPress. To whet your appetite and give you an idea of what we could aim for longer term, have a look at Drupal’s accessibility statement.

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Should We Be Dropping the Role Attribute in Twenty Thirteen Yet?

Your feedback is requested on Trac Ticket 24629.

Cited example: Should the Twenty Thirteen drop the use of the role attribute on the HTML5 nav element on the grounds that the element, by definition, has the role of navigation? Or should role="navigation" be retained in order to support technologies that are not yet HTML5 aware?

My own opinion that the role attribute should be retained for the time being in order to support the widest range of technologies. Dropping it would offer only a marginal benefit in reducing page bloat. Please do weigh in with your opinions on the ticket.

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