Add Media Accessibility Summary

Following up on the original post about the Add Media panel, here’s a quick rundown of the functionality issues with screen readers:

  • Cannot select images from Media Library.
  • Media Library images display in list either without description/title (IE) or only the first image is seen within the list (Firefox).
  • A newly uploaded image can be deselected, but no other images can be selected in addition.
  • Cannot activate the Select Files link to upload image in Internet Explorer. (Works in Firefox.)
  • Form fields lack description; show as “unlabeled” in Internet Explorer.
  • Moving through the media panel can take the user (unknowingly) back into the edit screen.
  • Upon “re-entering” the media panel (see previous bullet point), form fields and links no longer seem to work.

I’m sure there are other things that can be added to this list that I’ve missed. (Feel free to edit this as necessary, @grahamarmfield.) Unfortunately, while compiling this list my JAWS went berserk, giving me a bunch of installation errors and then my computer crashed.

#add-media, #screen-reader