Creating Custom Menus

There is a lot of discussion and design going on at present concerning the changes that are being made to the Custom Menu Builder for WordPress 3.6. These discussions can be followed via trac ticket #23119.

But as part of that work the Custom Menu Builder needs to become easily accessible to those who can’t use a mouse, or who are using screen readers or speech recognition software.

During our IRC sessions this week and last we touched on potential solutions. So far the solutions have boiled down to:

  1. Use a separate accessible version in a similar way to how the accessible widgets functionality works.
  2. Ensure that the rebuilt functionality, which will almost certainly feature drag and drop contains and generates enough information to allow easy manipulation by those using assistive technology.
  3. Ensure that the markup of the solution externalises enough information about hierarchy and makes influencing it easy.

But we need some more input on how this functionality could be deployed accessibly.

Although the widgets method is usable, could it be better? If so, how.

Could a drag and drop solution with ARIA help really work for blind users?

Please feel free to comment with any ideas you may have.