Post Revisons Update

I managed to drop into the CoreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. IRC meeting yesterday and was told that the our recent feedback on the new concepts for post revisionsRevisions The WordPress revisions system stores a record of each saved draft or published update. The revision system allows you to see what changes were made in each revision by dragging a slider (or using the Next/Previous buttons). The display indicates what has changed in each revision. was very helpful. New screenshot mockups have now been created to incorporate fixes for the issues that we raised.

Coding on the new post revisions may begin shortly, so let’s keep an eye on the outstanding tickets and new developments. In the meantime, thank you to everyone who took part in the post revision discussion and let’s keep up the good work.

We can make a difference! 🙂

#core-2, #revisions