User Videos – An Accessibility Angle

Over the last few months WP dev lessbloat has done a series of videos where he has invited in ‘real-life’ users to try out various features of the WordPress backend – and has videoed the experience.

I’ve watched many of these videos and read the transcripts of the interactions and they are a really great insight into usability, and assumptions that developers make about how much users understand about what’s expected of them. The most recent one is at:

I’ve often thought that it would be quite revealing if somehow we could produce a series of videos of blind and motor impaired users trying out key bits of the admin area. These would highlight the accessibility issues perhaps more than words on a page could, and could constitute a powerful benchmark on which to base future improvements.

Does anyone else think this might be useful? And if so, how could we go about making some?

#testing, #usability, #video