Team Rep Voting Results

When only one active team member votes, it’s tough to think there’s much interest in team repping. 🙂

So, here are the results, but the low turnout begs the question of if this is an active team, or if we should be thinking about rolling in to existing groups (like UI is rolling into the main core group and designers will be embedded in all the other teams as well with a central design “interest group” vs a “responsible-for-this-product group”). But before we have that conversation, here are the voting results.

Only three people actually voted.
Please describe your role with the accessibility team.

  • 1 – I don’t participate yet, but want to
  • 1 – I am not currently active in the group, but have been in the past
  • 1 – I am active in the group, and have been within the past 3 months
  • 0 – I don’t plan to get involved

Describe your accessibility team activity.

  • 1 – I contribute accessibility info to the Codex
  • 1 – Other Option (“Working on developing accessibility-ready tag for theme directory”)
  • 1 – I don’t contribute to the accessibility team activities
  • 1 – I participate in plugin and theme reviews for directory
  • 1 – I contribute to discussions on the blog
  • 0 – I contribute to core patches

1st rep – 3 votes for Esmi
2nd rep – One for Joe, one for Graham, one for Andrew Ozz

Neither Esmi or Graham voted. Esmi also proposed that she step back to the support role in the previous thread about team reps. The comment in that thread by Graham made it sound like he equates accessibility team with core accessibility. In short, it doesn’t feel particularly teamy up in here. An active team should have enough going on that each week there’s stuff to report. That’s the team rep job — to write the weekly reports on activity and issues facing the team.

Given the givens, my inclination is to ask Esmi to remain the point of contact for this group, and once we’re past the winter holidays, to work out what exactly falls within the scope of this group/what the product it’s responsible for is, and go from there to a decision around whether this is in fact a distinct project team or whether it’s an interest/skills group that contributes to multiple project teams (like design will be). If it’s decided then that it is in fact a distinct project team, we’ll figure out what to do about the lack of participation in the team rep voting re 2nd slot. Sound okay?


Team Reps

Hello, accessibility team! It’s time to vote for team reps to communicate on behalf of the group to the other contributor groups. While there’s been some talk (mostly from me) about possibly rolling accessibility into the main core group, plugins group, etc. rather than segregating it, that’s still a discussion, not a plan. So for now we need to make sure this team is at the table.

Esmi has been the acting rep. You get 2 slots. These folks will be responsible for reporting on the progress of the group to the other team reps via weekly updates, as well as occasional chats and such. If you haven’t seen the spiel on one of the other team blogs about how team reps/voting/terms work, the longer explanation is after the jump.

Note: It should be people who want the responsibility. Anyone interested in being a team rep should leave a comment saying as much so people know who they can/should vote for. Voting is open until December 15, and results will be posted here once voting closes.

Go vote!

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Just updated the WP Accessibility plug in page…

Just updated the WP Accessibility plug-in page to provide extensive information about what problems the plug-in solves and why. I also included links to important relevant documents on each item.