WordPress 3.3 is coming up on RC1 meaning…

WordPress 3.3 is coming up on RC1 (meaning it’s close to launch). We tried to catch as many accessibility issues as we could, but chances are we missed things. If anyone would be willing to run 3.3 beta through the paces and report back on how it does/what fixes need to be made, that would be great. If you’re not set up with an svn install, you can download the beta tester plugin to put the beta on a test site.


Changed a couple of settings Must fill in…

Changed a couple of settings:

  • Must fill in name and email, but removed the ‘must have previously approved’ setting so now comments go live immediately instead of waiting to be moderated.
  • Close comments on posts older than 14 days old. Comments go unnoticed, and no action gets taken. Hopefully discussions can get to agreement within 2 weeks (well before, if we’re lucky) and the resolution can make its way over to the appropriate trac ticket.

Do people think it is better for the…

Do people think it is better for the dashboard menus down the left side to work as described in A, B, or C:

  • A. Tabbing goes from top-level item to its subs and cycles through them, then proceeds to the next top-level item, etc., and hitting Enter/Return acts as clicking on the link to whatever item you’ve tabbed to; or
  • B. Tabbing goes from top-level item to top-level item, and hitting Enter/Return ‘opens’ the subs and then you can tab through them?
  • C. A more accessible suggestion that we haven’t thought of?

Please leave your vote/suggestion/comments in a reply to this post IF you work professionally in the accessibility field OR you need to access WordPress without a mouse/trackpad/rollerbar/other mouse-like input device (generally due to disability). If you don’t fit in one of these categories: while your opinion is valuable, it’s not the one we’re looking for at this particular time. So regular designers, developers, and users, please don’t distract from the pros and the target population on this thread. If you are an accessibility pro and have not introduced yourself on this blog before, or a keyboard access/screen reader user, please add a note about your qualifications/experience (for pros) or your typical setup/environment (for users — which screen reader, do you use keyboard shortcuts in addition to tabbing etc) so that we can put your suggestions in context. Thanks.

P.S. Please don’t derail the conversation by using this thread to suggest other features.

#dashboard-menu, #tabbing

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